Glitter Bar

“Add a touch of sparkle and shine to your event with our dazzling glitter bars! Our glitter bars are a fun and glamorous addition to any party or special occasion. Watch as your guests light up with excitement as they choose from a variety of glittery designs and colors to adorn their faces, hair, or even their outfits. Our skilled glitter artists use safe and cosmetic-grade glitter to create stunning, customized looks that will leave everyone feeling like a star. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a festival, or a themed event, our glitter bars add a touch of magic and elegance to the festivities. Join us for a glittery experience that will make your event truly shine!”

Apply glitter to attendees' skin, creating stunning and customized glitter designs

Offer a wide range of glitter colors, sizes, and textures, allowing attendees to choose their favorite styles

The glitter used at a glitter bar is usually cosmetic-grade and safe for the skin

Attendees can request specific glitter designs, patterns, or styles to match their outfit or the theme of the event

Glitter art adds a touch of glamour and sparkle to any event

Glitter bar can be a very good option with large crowd events as it keeps the lines moving faster then face painting or balloon twisting

Glitter bars provide a fun and interactive experience


   2 Hours      $240

2.5 Hours      $300

    3 Hours      $360

Each Additional Hour      $70

Prices are for up to 30 Kids
For 31-35 kids its $20 extra
For 36-40 kids its $35 extra
For 41+ kids its $50 extra